Waste tank – 30 ltr


Buffertank, capacity 30 litres. A tank that is placed above the waterline and is specially designed so it can discharge overboard without using a seperate bilgepump on board.

For use in Marinas or when overboard discharging is prohibited or for environmental reasons not desirable you close the outletvalve and discharge the tank through a deckmounted fitting by a pump-out station.

RM69 holdingtanks fully comply with the ISO 8099:2000(E).


Technical Specifications

Material tank and fittings Polyethylene / Nylon and Nitril rubber
Diameter ventilation line ¾” (20mm)
Diameter in- and outlet   1½”(38mm)


808 Waste holding tank 30 ltr.


Split-up valves  (click here)
Non return valve  (click here)