Waste holding tank – 90 ltr


Waste tank 90 ltr. with integrated Bilge/Waste pump which makes a complete system for a convenient storage and discharge of waste water.

The tank is made of polyethylene and is odour and permeation free which also concerns the rubber fittings used.

The tank is fitted with two discharge outlets. One is for connection to a deckmounted fitting and one is connected to the Bilge/Waste pump for overboard discharge.

RM69 holdingtanks fully comply with the ISO 8099:2000(E) standard.


Technical Specifications

Material tank and fittings Polyethylene / Nylon and Nitril rubber
Diameter ventilation line ¾” (20mm)
Diameter in- and outlet   1½”(38mm)


813 Waste holding tank 90 ltr.  12 DC.V.
814 Waste holding tank 90 ltr. 24 DC.V.


Split-up valves  (click here)
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