Electric Bilge/Waste Pump


Electric self priming bilge/waste pump suitable for pumping polluted liquids, such as toilet waste, bilge water, shower water and the contents of waste tanks. Membrane type pump with an 1½” in- and outlet, big enough to let pass solids such as toilet paper and tissues. Maximum suction height is 3 meters; maximum delivery height is 5 meters. Capacity 40 ltr./min. The RM electric bilge pump can be installed in any position. All parts are corrosion resistant. Can be supplied with white or black housing and in 12 or 24 volt.


Technical Specifications

Material motor housing Epoxy coated aluminium
Material pump housing Linear Polyester
Material membrane and valves  Nitril rubber
Diameter in- and outlet 1 ½” (38 mm)
Fuse  12 DC.V. / 25 AMP
24 DC.V. / 15 AMP


Technical drawing (click here)



310.12 Electric bilge/waste pump housing black  12 DC.V.
310.24 Electric bilge/waste pump housing black 24 DC.V.


Buffertank 25 ltr. (click here)
Wastetanks 40-50-60 & 80 ltr.  (click here)
Split-up valve 803  (click here)