Buffertank, capacity 25 ltr. can collect toilet waste when overboard discharging is prohibited or for environmental reasons not desirable. The buffertank is placed around the toilet and can be fixed with the stainless steel clip supplied. The buffertank will in any way not disturb the access and use of the toilet. Supply is inclusive all fittings to connect the tank to the toilet. Supplied as well is a three way valve. This three way valve will be installed on the existing toilet pump and the user can select with the selection switch where the waste will be pumped to (to the buffer tank or direct overboard). The buffertank can be emptied with the toilet pump or a pump out station.


Technical Specifications

Material tank and fittings Polyethylene/nylon
Material Clip Stainless Steel
Diameter ventilation line  ¾” (20 mm)
Diameter in- and outlet 1 ½” (38 mm)


801.N Buffertank 25 ltr.


Split-up valves (click here)
Non return valve  (click here)