Sealock Facelift

Sealock kit without bowl and seat


This set converts a traditional RM marine toilet, or other marine toilets with similar bowl dimension, into a Sealock toilet. The kit contains all parts which are used in the Sealock toilet, except the bowl, the seat and cover. Installation is simple.


Technical Specifications

Material bowl ABS
Diameter inlet ¾” (20 mm)
Diameter outlet 1 ½” (38 mm)
Diameter flange 95 mm


Technical drawing (click here)



580 Sealock Facelift


Waste holding tank 90 ltr.  (click here)
Waste holding tank 30 ltr.  (click here)
Wastetanks 40-50-60 & 80 ltr.  (click here)
Split-up valves  (click here)
Non return valve (click here)
Seatsaver (click here)