Bilge Senior A

Large capacity membranepump suitable to pump out bilge- and holdingtanks


Strong self priming bilgepump, hand operated. Large capacity to empty holdingtanks and bilges. Bulkhead mounting. Can be installed in any position. Black pump housing, nitril oil resistant membrane and valves. Capacity: approx. 1 ltr. per stroke. Suction height 4¾ meters, delivery height 5½ meters.


Technical Specifications

Material pump housing Linear Polyester
Material membrane and valves  Nitril rubber
Diameter in- and outlet 1 ½” (38 mm)


Technical drawing (click here)



302 Bilgepump senior A Black pumphousing


Wastetanks 40-50-60 & 80 ltr.  (click here)
Split-up valve 803  (click here)
Non return valve (click here)